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Mimi vs. Riri


According to Billboard this is the current tally of most number-one hits:

1. The Beatles (20)
2. Mariah Carey (18)
3. Elvis Presley (17)
4. Michael Jackson (13)
5. Madonna (12) (tie)
5. The Supremes (tie)
7. Whitney Houston (11)
8. Janet Jackson (10) (tie)
8. Rihanna (10) (tie) – updated (11) as of December 2011
8. Stevie Wonder (10) (tie)


Let’s talk about and compare the two artists. Why? Because Rihanna is the only active artist among this list (that is if Madonna won’t release another album) and
Mariah is 3 number one songs away from beating the record-holder, The Beatles.

This is a comparative table of their singles: (naks naka excel pa?!)

Mariah (Mimi) Rihanna (Riri)
1990-2008 2006-2011
1 Vision of Love SOS
2 Someday Umbrella
3 I Don’t Wanna Cry Take A Bow
4 Love Takes Time Disturbia
5 Emotions Live Your Life
6 I’ll Be There Rude Boy
7 Dreamlover What’s My Name
8 Hero Only Girl (In The World)
9 Fantasy S&M (with Britney Spears)
10 One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) (as of Dec.2011
11 Always Be My Baby Love the Way You Lie (with Eminem)
12 Honey Other female artists in the run:
13 My All Beyonce (5)
14 Heartbreaker Katy Perry (5)
15 Thank God I Found You Britney Spears (4)
16 We Belong Together Lady Gaga (3)
17 Donā€™t Forget About Us
18 Touch My Body

It’s a battle of artists with black influences. Let’s get ready to rumble!!

Round 1: Mariah has 18 while Rihanna has 10

This round goes to Mimi
Mimi – 1
Riri – 0

Round 2: Mariah has had 18 number ones in 18 years
while Rihanna has had 10 top singles in 5 years. What a great feat!

Round 2 goes to Riri!!!
Riri – 1
Mimi – 1

Round 3: Mariah is 3 songs away in beating the The Beatles record while Rihanna is
11 songs away.

Round 3 for the Grandma (lol)
Mimi- 2
Riri- 1

Rihanna songs are catchy like the songs Mariah created when she was younger. Plus, Rihanna is young, an edge, because younger audience appreciate her more while
Mariah’s music is kinda overlooked.

Touch My Body vs. S & M, which do you like better? As for me, I love them both.


I Am in Misery


The pathetic in me wants to come out in 5… 4… 3… 2… Tada! This is my pathetic self coming out through this post. I am just trying so hard to hold it in I guess.

I never asked for what I am going through now but I understand completely that I’m just pretending to be fine when I know, deep inside my heart of hearts, I am not.
I am lost.

I don’t know where to go. I thought that this lost phase is over but apparently it is not. I will be brave to say that I left a big part of me somewhere else. (in Mandaluyong perhaps :p but the biggest part of me is still here. Angry. *wink wink*)

When I go through something like this, my bestfriend is my iPod. It feels like the songs explain what I feel.
This afternoon, I found myself crying while listening to Gary V’s song " Di Na Natuto". I don’t know why. Or maybe I know why but I do not want to tell. I am still scared. So afraid. (Or maybe because I was reminded of Toni Gonzaga in My Amnesia Girl šŸ˜‰

Ewan. Di ko na alam. I don’t want to be hurting anymore. I don’t like this feeling. (well who does?)

I refuse to be woeful. Can someone save me?

New Words/Slang


Learning new words is amusing. I always read from and I find new words created by people funny.

Here is a list of new words (some are fairly old though) on I chose the words that I think can be used in our daily conversations.
Enjoy reading! J

vacationship (noun) : a temporary romantic relationship that takes place during a vacation

huggle (noun) : a long hug and cuddle

husfriend (noun) : a boyfriend usu. in a long term relationship whose role is similar to that of a husband

TWD (abbreviation) : texting while driving

taekwondoist (noun) : a person who practices tae kwon do

epicize (verb) : to make epic

forrizzle (adjective) : for real

sibchildren (noun) : nieces and nephews

bromance (noun) : a close friendship between two men

typonese (noun) : language that is full of typos (as in chat rooms or instant messaging)

promistician (noun) : a politician who makes promises to get elected

sexercise (noun) : sex as a form of exercise

Wooting: an exclamation of joy or enjoyment

Manstress (noun) : a man other than her husband with whom a married woman has a continuing sexual relationship

IRL (abbreviation) : in real life

Nntr (abbreviation) : no need to reply ā€”used in electronic text messaging

LGTM (abbreviation) : looks good to me

fashionese (noun) : jargon used within the fashion industry

sexting (verb) : to send a text message with sexual content

Kanyed (verb) : to be interrupted esp. while making a public statement

retweet (verb) : to copy a Twitter message and resend it giving credit to its original poster : to re-post another person’s tweet

NMP (abbreviation) : Not My Problem

NBD (abbreviation) : no big deal

JTLYK (abbreviation) : just to let you know

man-crush (noun) : non-sexual admiration expressed by a heterosexual man for another man

FWB (abbreviation) : friend with benefits



I want to talk about this not because I am bitter, or I want to show how righteous I am, but because I realized what it can do to someone. I am not the most faithful and loyal guy. I’ve had my shares of fooling around and playing the game.
For instance, I had a partner way back my early 20’s, and he caught me through text messages that I hooked up with someone else. I met this other guy online, months ago (who was abroad back then) and was bugging me to meet him. I met him weeks after I got committed to my partner. I thought it was ok to hook up since I knew this other guy way before my partner and we’d been together for just a couple of weeks. That didn’t cause the break up though. I decided to end it because I was bored with my partner. That shattered him and he got mad at me (of course). I suppose up until now.

Another was when my partner for a year and a half, caught me cheating 3 or 4 times.
First was when we were about to meet for a date. I lied to him because I told him I was on my way to the mall when in fact I was there early. So stupid of me to have brought my shades. He knew for sure why I was there early. Next was when I told him I was home sleeping but he found out through my sister that I actually went out. Third was when he caught me flirting online. Forgot the fourth instance.
Yet still he accepted me wholeheartedly.

And there were a lot more instances way back. Because of all of these, I called me The Trifler. Not good, I know.
I came to my senses when I decided to get serious on my last relationship. In which, I reaped what I sowed, I believe. All the bad stuff that I did, happened to me, haunted me, and then some.

Just recently, I caught this indie film Torotot. It starred Yul Servo, Baron Geisler, Maui Taylor, a girl named Precious Adona, Anton Bernardo and Maricar de Mesa. Simply put, Baron and Maui and Yul and Precious were married couples. Baron cheated on Maui so as revenge she cheated on him too. He caught her in the act and killed her!
Now Yul didn’t have sex with his wife regularly so the wife found Anton in a marketplace and did with him. Maricar de Mesa, Anton’s wife knew about it and told Yul. Devastated, he planned on killing them. He caught them doing the deed too but he just couldn’t shoot them. They were caught by the brother who sued Precious so she ended up in jail.

Bottom line is BETRAYED people get crazy and you could get killed or could be sent to jail just by fulfilling your fleshly desires. And because of this too, I promise myself, once I commit, I would NEVER EVER cheat on my partner like I promised myself the day I was committed to my last relationship.

I learned to forgive but never forget. I learned to love someone with all my heart and soul. I learned that when you get burned, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re on the losing end. Lastly, I learned to accept even when it hurts.

Tete-at-Tete at the Milkysuite 6: Birthday Boy


Yesssssssssssssssss we’re back! Welcome back to Milkysuite. Thanks fans for the 16,000++ hits. I labyu all!

Our guest is a very interesting person. At dahil birthday nya, sige na nga siya na lang ang guest, para kunwari special.
Quiet siya pag na meet mo sa una pero once he gets comfortable with you, he can get so crazy as hell.
I call him Adik.
Mabait sya, sobra. Ulirang anak at kapatid (I swear!). Dependable friend. Mainitin nga lang din ang ulo at times (katulad ko hehehe) pero tahimik lang pag nagalit (di katulad ko lol). He is a great catch kasi matalino na, gwapo pa (o may bayad na to ah) may idagdagdag pa sana ako kaso wag na lang, baka lumaki ulo. *wink wink*
He has very fascinating friends which I have learned to love. =) (Shout out to you guys hope you’re reading this!)

Oh yes, you know who I am towking abowt this. LOL Oo siya na nga si @kuyabob of Twitter.
If you wanna know how I met him, read one of the first few posts in this blog. hahahahaha

Sa mga nagtatanong, concerned, usyusero, tsismosa, yes we’re both single. =D
We’re friends because we chose not to fight.
Ok let’s move on (megaknown?) to the interview.

Sorry can't put his real picture. Pinaghahanap na kasi to ng mga nabuntis nyang Baka! lol

Happy birthday, how dya find your stay here in the Milkysuite?

ay wait lang. since birthday ko naman at nasa suite ako eh better yet, I’d be in my birthday suit. *strips* There. LOL.

So ilang taon ka na?
*kinuha ang kamay at pinafeel ang body part* yan. yung length nyan times 5 minus 3. By the way, size 7 yan (Paa. LOL).

So you mean, 32 years ka nang adik?

Nde naman ako adik. Sino nagsabi? Haller.

Ano bang tinitira mo?
mga bakang magatas. i love tirahin.

(addl sa tira question): bakit ikaw? gusto mo magpatira? LOL
Magpapatira? Hello may bahay ka naman baket pa kita papatirahin sa min šŸ˜›

Bakit sa sasara ang bulaklak reyna ang pumasok nung bumuka yung bulaklak,di ba dapat hari?

mga dinglets kasi ang nagpauso niyan talaga. mga feeling reyna lang yung mga un.

Comment on this: Never akong na-satisfy…
either hinde ka nasatisfy kasi you want more of it, or hinde ka nasatisfy kasi hinde mo alam kung ano ang makakasatisfy sayo.
on a serious note, that’s got to be the crappiest excuse I have ever got. It felt like one big castrating kick in the balls. hahaha

I know. There shouldn’t be any excuse. dapat nanahimik na lang lol

Fill in the blank: Kinalikot sinundot ang kanyang ____

Kinalikot sinundot ang kanyang ____<—PWET! pero the most important question is, ano ung pinangsundot at pinagkalikot.

O eto naman mga favorite mo,
Name your top 5 favorite songs, top of mind lang ha, and who do you dedicate them to

1. Amos Lee's Making Love para kay Baka.
2. Northern Sky by Nick Drake – my song for Mak.
3. Taylor Hicks' Do I Make U Proud para sa family ko.
4. Same Same's Love Isn't – for myself.
5. any tugs tugs song for my friends para happy lahat

Name your top 5 movies of all time top of mind lang ulet
not necessarily in order but these are the ones on my list: requiem for a dream, pi, amelie, trainspotting, clockwork orange

If I tell you who my friends are, would tell me who your friends are? Para mutual friends ko na din sa Facebook. LOL

no need na. because birds of the same feather make a good feather duster, anyway.

Will you please twitpic your Bebe Gandanghari picture in college? please? lol

i don’t think i still have a copy. you'd have to ask andrei for that. šŸ˜€

Porket ba Mean Girls at Legally Blonde fave movies e bading na yun?
parang tinanong mo lang ako kung straight ba ang isang lalaki kung favorite singers niya si Mariah or Regine

Hmp! oo baket si Nick Cannon fan ni Mariah bading ba sya?
correction. nde fan ni mariah si nick. Nick is a fan of Mariah's boobs. Kaya nga lumaki ng ganun ang dodo ni Mariah eh.

ang tagal naman ng follow up question mo, nilalamig na ang itlog ko.

Uy let the party started cmon let’s join us?
GET GET AWWWWW!!!!!!! Get it?? Getz? Getz! *tugsh*tugsh*tugsh*

bakit ang wholesome naman ng mga tanong mo? dahil ba wholesome din ang guest mo ngayon?
ewan ko sayo hahahahaha

If you can choose your own name,why?
Because I believe in the saying that… If a rose were called by any other name it would smell like sampaguita.

Pare, Braaad, Tol – Chinenelyn forte mo ba yung kemerlu ni Lucy Liu at Babalu, wititit o trulalu?

Wit ko chinenelyn mercado ang iskemperlu ni lucy at ni babalu. Duh. Eww dude.

ok serious q, birthday wis (pagmatanda nagsabi di ma-pronounce "sh" lol)

wis? gusto ko ng isang makatirik-mata at maka-bura ng memory na birthday gift. Yung tipong mapapasabi ka ng
"Shiiiit! Di pa ko na"gift" ng ganito!! Shiiiiiitt…"

yes? ano yun? anong meron? :p

concert ticket yung gift mo, ok lang di ipad? kaso concert ni keith martin,david pomeranz at vengaboys ok lang?
ano naman gagawin ko sa ticket? Maisusubo ko ba ang ti..ti…ti..ticket? Nde naman ako mapapasigaw dun ng "OhhhMAYGAHD!"

Bakit ang bastos mo? Malibog ka ba? hahaha
ano ung malibog? bastos ba un? :p

ok one last, message for our fans lol
para sa mga adik, dahil birthday ko kelangan magsipagbati kau. Bati lng ng bati!

Yun na. Next please! LOL

Caution:Ā HOT


I find them hot. Can you help me ID them?

The “kuya” in this Bioflu TVC

Jaw-dropping guy in this Nestle D’lite All Purpose Cream TVC



Welcome to my world!

I never believed in true love hence, I was a trifler. I didn’t think it existed. Until I found myself capable of giving the most precious gift… unconditional love.

Now, I am a believer.