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My Recent Playlist 2


I discovered my 1 week old playlist through

Katy Perry – E.T.
Her attempt of a futuristic song. I like it.

Maroon 5 – Give Me A Little More
Their 2nd single from the new album.

Rappers’ Delight
Lil Wayne – Right Above It

B.o.b feat. Rivers Cuomo – Magic
B.o.b and Bruno Mars come up with cool tracks

Nelly – Just A Dream

Trey Songz feat. Nicky Minaj – Bottoms Up
my current favorite!

Usher and Jay-Z – Hot Tottie
nice nice nice nice collabo!!!

Dance/Club Songs

The White Tie Affair – You Look Better When I’m Drunk
Sounds like 3OH!3. Nice. Check it out!

Macy Gray – Lately (Cutmore Radio Edit)
Macy’s back with a cool dance track!

VIP – Zayra
I like this remix!

Scissor Sisters – Fire with Fire


Back to the 90′s 3: MTV Triple Play Part I


MTV Triple Play

MTV Triple Play

Remember the popular MTV segment? Now try to guess what are the common factors of these group of videos. Please leave your answers as comments. Enjoy!

Semisonic – Closing Time

Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)

Destiny’s Child- Emotions

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My Recent Playlist 1


I wanna share to the world what’s on my iPod lately but first let me share these to you:

These sites help me keep my iPod updated.

RX 931 website
Magic 899 website
iTunes charts Top 10
iTunes Charts USA

and most especially these sites…

Song of the Week
Sashapurse’s tweets
Oscardelahopia’s tweets

I use these sites to download the songs
(type in the title or artist on the search bar)
(type in search engines: title+artist+mediafire)

Here are the new songs that are recently looping on my iPod as of July 10, 2010: Read the rest of this entry »

Back to the 90′s 1: Dance Songs


Like Artie of Glee, I am a frustrated dancer (btw, I’m not on a wheelchair LOL). As a kid, I would always watch my sister dance to these popular tunes.

These songs have gibberish lyrics, if not sung in Japanese or French or they are rap/dance songs. Our generation would sing and dance to it during Christmas parties, intramurals, fiestas or even when we were playing on the streets. We didn’t even care if we knew the exact title of the song nor the artist who sang it. Though I thought, if we had MTV when these songs were popular, we would know the artists names by heart.

Naalala ko pa may mga dance contests pa on TV lalo na sa Eat Bulaga.
Ang nakakatawa since some songs are in Japanese or French or dahil rap song nga sya, papalitan ang mga lyrics ng Tagalog. Madalas sleazy pa yung lyrics. Like this first video here:

French/Japanese/Latin songs

1. Angelina – PSY

Of course, who could forget the famous French lines replaced by Tagalog that go “baho mmmm mo…amoy mmmm… di ka nagsasabon, kinalikot mo pa” I found this subtitled version on YT.
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16 Songs that Debuted at #1 on Billboard


Billboard’s Silvio Pietroluongo, N.Y. wrote this on May 12, 2010 11:00 EDT
“Eminem will join a very elite club tomorrow when the new Billboard Hot 100 singles chart is unveiled.

The hip-hop king’s new single, “Not Afraid,” will be just the 16th to debut at No. 1 on the nearly 52-year old chart”

Here’s the complete list of the 16 songs, 3 of which are from Mariah Carey and 3 from American Idol winners, 1 from a runner-up, 2 are from movie soundtracks

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Songs Choose Their Singers


I wrote this post because I find these stuff remarkable. There are a lot of songs that were given to certain artists first before they got to the hands of the artists who popularized them. I also know that you can find these through the World Wide Web but I wanted to compile it for you guys to enjoy. (ang bait ko diba? :_)

I got these bits of information from my Twitter friends then I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Thanks to Misterhubs

Ryan Tedder said that he only tentatively offered the track Halo to Leona Lewis after Beyoncé initially took a long time to record it.
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Why Trifler?


Merriam-Webster defines the word as:

Main Entry: trifle Function: verb Inflected Form(s): tri·fled; tri·fling \-f(ə-)liŋ\

Etymology: Middle English truflen, triflen, from Anglo-French trufler to trick, talk nonsense Date: 14th century intransitive verb

1 a : to talk in a jesting or mocking manner or with intent to delude or mislead

b : to treat someone or something as unimportant

2 : to handle something idly transitive verb : to spend or waste in trifling or on trifles — tri·fler \-f(ə-)lər\ noun

synonyms trifle, toy, dally, flirt, coquet mean to deal with or act toward without serious purpose. trifle may imply playfulness, unconcern, indulgent contempt


I got the nick from these songs:

Now My Eyes Are Open And I Can See
You Were Devious And Shady
Trifling With Me

-You Had Your Chance

Mariah Carey, Charmbracelet, 2002

You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
Silly me, why haven’t I found another?
A baller, when times get hard
I need someone to help me out”

-Bills, Bills, Bills

Destiny’s Child, The Writing’s On The Wall, 1999

I used to toy with people’s emotions until everything came back to me. Now, I learned my lesson.