Tete-A-Tete at the MilkySuite 1: TheGIRLfromHELL


Be a Milkysuite Celebrity. Got Milk? Moo.

I got this idea from formspring/onioning. I also remembered na may gantong segment noon sa mga songhits. I wanted to do this so that the featured friend gets to be MY celebrity for the day and so that every friend who visits my blog gets to know my other friends.

Presenting my first victim…err… i meant SPECIAL GUEST

Thanks to @cherrythegreat of Twitter for the pic

Erna San Luis

Erna is an avid listener of the Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar on RX 93.1. Her codename on the show is Hellgirl and her Twitter account is @TheGIRLfromHELL (follow her!) She is single but not available (ok guys back off lol). She is fun to be with. We first met at the first EB that I attended April 26, 2009! Grabe napakakulit nitong babaeng ito (ah wait babae nga ba?) Lagi kaming nagkukulitan sa Twitter. May binuo nga kaming talk show kasama si @Sashapurse and it’s called “WE LOVE US” (ang nag-iisang talk show on twitter)

Siya rin ang isa sa nagtaguyod (wow lumalim) ng I HEART CLUB.

o siya, eto na ang interview ng Milkysuite sa kanya:

me and hellgirl

MilkySuite: Well, well, well look do we have here? Is it a blessing in the skies or is it just a pigments of your imagination?
Erna: figment lang unless you see the word “blessings” na nakasulat sa ulap.. or.. you’re on drugs. go to rehab.

MilkySuite: My blog’s name is milkysuite. So how’s your stay so far?
Erna: hmmn.. okay naman.. di masyado malamig yung aircon, pero keri na. i can live with it.ndi masyado maganda sa mata yung color nung room.. for my taste, so there’s room for improvement..and kelan kayo magoofer ng refrigerator sa room? LOL hahaha! ang diva ng sagot! 😀

MS: hahahahahahahaha. I’ll tell management about your concerns. lol
Erns: yung ref ha?.. necessity yun.

next question, seryosong tanong, ilang taon ka na?
ako? by definition… im 25. naks. meh ganun. cge, next question please.yaya, tissue nga, pinagpapawisan ako! LOL

do u feel any pressure right now?
i could definitely use some pressure esp on the lower part of my body,
but that’s TMI for your readers. LOL

ok let’s talk about your lovelife. ilang taon na kayo ni hellboy at when and where did you first meet?
3 yrs 4 mos.; we met in UP, hmmnn.. when?… september… 2006? yata. not sure sa year. it doesnt matter. lol

your vital statistics please?
leche. wala namang ganyanan. hahahaha! mejo malaki… di masyadong sexy… may pwet naman. pwede na yan???

Kelan ka nagpa-transplant at saan? You look like a real girl eh. LOL
oh my gaaawd..dat is so trow-matic! lets not get into details,but rich na ung doctor ko, tnx 2 my referrals & popularity.i luv being a girl

Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?
that’s cruelty to animals. No to fur.

Next question: Where do broken hearts go? Can they find their way home?
anywhere? but they can definitely find a home here sa hell. everybody’s welcome here. we dont alienate people. *plugging*

ano ang nagiging reaksyon mo pag nalaman mong may nagkakacrush sayo? paano pag troll sya?
i know i’m a goddess,but i downplay it. lalo na kung andyan si HB.
TROLLS? they’re scums. they dont deserve to live.

Do you really think breastmilk is still best for babies up to two years?
yes i do. minsan lang magka-milk sa dodo ng isang ina. take advantage.

Vangie Labalan, Bella Flores or Liza Lorena? Sino ang gusto mong landlady?
Liza Lorena.so we can talk in English.Vangie can be mabait din kasi once you get close 2 her. Bella Flores is the land developer of the apt.

mahabang malambot o maiksing matigas?
maiksing matigas. less is more… effort. at least umeffort diba?

Fill in the blank. “Si Nena ay bata pa, kaya ang sabi nya ay ________”
“koya, wag po, wag po.”

If you were a sex toy, ano ka?
ill be a dildo. simple, traditional and yet does the work efficiently.

What would attract you the most if you were a straight guy, boobs, legs or butt?
im a butt person. kahit ngayong girl (na) ako. HellBoy can attest to that.there’s nothing sexier than a nice ass in good fitting jeans.

Kung K ang sa babae at T ang sa lalaki, mahuhulaan mo ba kung ano ang K at T na tinutukoy ko?
sa babae, Kalachuching mabango… sa lalaki, Tigreng magalit.

Tawa ako ng tawa sa mga sagot mo! hahahahahhahaah eto na last. Any message to our readers?

dear readers, i dont care what you think of my answers. you can all go to hell. sama sama tayo dun. PARTEH!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading it!
Stay tuned (may ganun?) for our next guest. 😉


24 Responses to “Tete-A-Tete at the MilkySuite 1: TheGIRLfromHELL”

  1. LOL!!!! this was so much fun!!! FTW!!! I Heart Club!!!! =) wooooot!!! IDOL!!!!!

  2. PurpleRose Says:

    HAHAHAHA! Ang galing ng mga sagot! *clap clap clap*

  3. Dru Says:


  4. kuyabob Says:

    aaanong kaguluuuuuhannnn iiiito?

    ang kulit! hahaha!

  5. erna Says:

    thank you sa mga hindi ko fans!!! ayoko ng fans! hahahaha!

  6. Joanna Says:

    hahahaha!!!! astig! panalo! so funny! cant wait for your next featured “celebrity!”

    @HellGirl, panalo ang mga sagot!

  7. guys natakot yung isang guest na nagngangalang Sashapurse eh! sayang controversial sana yun!

  8. Elen.P Says:

    nice entry… next time pwedeng may live streaming nung interview.. =)

  9. bursky Says:

    LIKE! 😀

  10. benjai bonita Says:

    wow..very entertaining!! kudos to milkysuite and to the celebrity guest from hell.. aylavet!!! ^__^


  11. kitecruz Says:

    well..well..well..m longing for part 2! this is a nice one..hilarious! lol

  12. Stephensoul Says:

    Galing…!!! *applause* aabangan ko sino susunod! ^_^

  13. wow naman panalo!!! 🙂

  14. edzcelperk Says:

    panalo talaga ang mga interviews.. two of my idols!! what can i ask for!! 🙂

  15. rhon Says:

    haha..pinsan nga kita..
    kaya labs kita eh…

  16. paulignatius Says:

    Eto pala ang pilot episode hahaha… I’m sure tataas ang ratings ng succeeding episodes nito… 😀

  17. Targrod Says:

    ano yung I heart?

  18. hannah_bananah Says:

    hahaha.. kakaloka! 😉

  19. dorae_rose Says:

    diva, da vah! lurv it!!! haha. ^_^

  20. Abernathy™ Says:

    Graba ha! I was supposed to quote my fave Q&A pero parang kailangang i-quote lahat! This is what you call a LOL interview! Fantastic with a capital PH! Chos!

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