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Back to the 90′s 3: MTV Triple Play Part I


MTV Triple Play

MTV Triple Play

Remember the popular MTV segment? Now try to guess what are the common factors of these group of videos. Please leave your answers as comments. Enjoy!

Semisonic – Closing Time

Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)

Destiny’s Child- Emotions

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Back to the 90′s 2: Anime TV Series


We can call these animes as soap operas for kids.

When we were young (o aminin na, di na tayo bata), we would watch these after playing on the streets or sometimes before we go to school (in my case, I had afternoon classes back then).

Almost all of these animes are from World Masterpiece Theater by Nippon Animation.
ABS-CBN bought the TV rights.

Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe

English Title: Little Lord Fauntleroy
Japanese Title: Shoukoushi Ceddie (Little Prince Cedie)
Based on the novel,”Little Lord Fauntleroy” by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

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Back to the 90′s 1: Dance Songs


Like Artie of Glee, I am a frustrated dancer (btw, I’m not on a wheelchair LOL). As a kid, I would always watch my sister dance to these popular tunes.

These songs have gibberish lyrics, if not sung in Japanese or French or they are rap/dance songs. Our generation would sing and dance to it during Christmas parties, intramurals, fiestas or even when we were playing on the streets. We didn’t even care if we knew the exact title of the song nor the artist who sang it. Though I thought, if we had MTV when these songs were popular, we would know the artists names by heart.

Naalala ko pa may mga dance contests pa on TV lalo na sa Eat Bulaga.
Ang nakakatawa since some songs are in Japanese or French or dahil rap song nga sya, papalitan ang mga lyrics ng Tagalog. Madalas sleazy pa yung lyrics. Like this first video here:

French/Japanese/Latin songs

1. Angelina – PSY

Of course, who could forget the famous French lines replaced by Tagalog that go “baho mmmm mo…amoy mmmm… di ka nagsasabon, kinalikot mo pa” I found this subtitled version on YT.
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