Songs Choose Their Singers


I wrote this post because I find these stuff remarkable. There are a lot of songs that were given to certain artists first before they got to the hands of the artists who popularized them. I also know that you can find these through the World Wide Web but I wanted to compile it for you guys to enjoy. (ang bait ko diba? :_)

I got these bits of information from my Twitter friends then I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Thanks to

Ryan Tedder said that he only tentatively offered the track Halo to Leona Lewis after Beyoncé initially took a long time to record it.

* I love this song. This is one of the most beautifully written songs (well, at least for me). This sounds like the Kelly Clarkson song Already Gone which I also like.


Gaga originally wrote “Telephone”, with Rodney Jerkins, for Britney Spears. However, Spears’ label rejected it and Gaga recorded the song as collaboration with Beyoncé Knowles for The Fame Monster

* Gaga is the LSS queen!!! Love the song, the video and the collabo!!!

Empire State of Mind

Jay-Z has revealed that Mary J. Blige was initially considered for Alicia Keys’ feature on ‘Empire State of Mind’.

* If Blige sang this, I think it could actually work. =)

Toxic Thanks to Misterhubs
The song had originally been offered to Minogue for inclusion on her 9th studio album Body Language, but she turned it down.

* I think it would sound weird if Kylie sang Toxic.

Just Say YesSashapurse told me about this

This song has its origins as a song written for pop singer Gwen Stefani, who rejected it. Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls was then given permission by Lightbody to record it for her solo debut album, which was later shelved.

*I hope Gwen has her version of this song. I love, love, love her!

I’d like to thank Asnallar for the next two songs.
and @Marioh_Caryo ,too ( o ayan na ha?)


Dustin Hoffman and Geena Davis starred in a movie for Columbia Pictures called Hero. The film was screened for Afanasieff in Los Angeles and he was told that Gloria Estefan would probably be asked to sing a title theme. It was never meant for Mariah to sing. In her mind, we were writing a song for Gloria Estefan for this movie.

*Hero was really destined for the ultimate diva. This is her signature song. I really think this is what she should call “Mariah’s Theme”

Where Are You Christmas

The song was originally recorded by Mariah Carey, but due to a legal dispute with her ex-husband Tommy Mottola , she could not release her own recording. It was re-recorded and released by Faith Hill.

*I wanna hear Mariah’s version of this.

Live Like We’re Dying Thanks to @_drei

“Live Like We’re Dying” is a song originally recorded by Irish Band The Script. The song was more popularly covered by American Artist Kris Allen, and is the first single from his self-titled major label debut album, and was released on September 21, 2009.

* I like The Script’s version of this song.

Smash Into You
The song was originally recorded by Jon McLaughlin in the form of “Smack into You,” but was purchased by Mathew Knowles. The-Dream and Beyoncé re-produced the song using different instruments, and she also decided to change “Smack” into “Smash” during the chorus and hook, thus crediting her as a main songwriter.

*This is my favorite song on this album.

Umbrella from @Mr_perk

The song was written with American pop superstar Britney Spears in mind, with whom Stewart had previously worked with in the 2003 song “Me Against the Music”. However, Spears did not hear of the song because her label rejected it, claiming they had enough songs for her to record.

It was also given to UK R&B Singer/Song Writer Taio Cruz.

However, since it was the Grammy season of 2007, Stewart and Nash eyed American R&B singer Mary J. Blige for the demo. However, Blige failed to hear the song in full due to her obligations to the Grammys at the time and “had to sign off on the record before her reps could accept it”.

* Wow, Britney or Blige for Umbrella? How would it sound if Blige sang it? I think this song could work for Britney, but Rihanna’s the best for this song.
FYI, Jay-Z’s first #1 rap/sung collabo was with Mariah on Heartbreaker (talk about trendsetting ;)). His second was Crazy In Love with his wife, this song is the 3rd one, and Empire’s the 4th.

…Baby One More Time from @misterhubs, @sizzlingbanana and @redrivera

Max Martin had originally written a song titled “Hit Me Baby One More Time” for popular R&B group TLC; however, when the song was submitted to them they rejected it because they had already completed their third studio album, FanMail.

* I think it would be weird if TLC sang this.

When I Grow Up

The single was originally recorded by Nicole Scherzinger during the recording sessions for her solo effort Her Name Is Nicole but was later given to the Pussycat Dolls to be released as the first single from their new album.

Whatever U Like

The song was originally going to appear on Rozonda “Chili” Thomas’s album Bi-Polar titled Straight Jack’em but was later given to Scherzinger under the title “Whatever U Like”.

Tell Me

This song was originally created as a demo track to test pop–R&B group Danity Kane but Diddy decided to use Christina Aguilera for the song.

* One of the greatest but underrated rap/sung collabo.


Linda Perry had written “Beautiful” long before she let anyone hear it. She considered the song very dear and personal to her and was insecure about sharing it with anyone else. At first she had let Pink hear “Beautiful” before anyone else during their Missundaztood sessions. Pink was so impressed with the song that she had asked Perry if she could record it for her album, but Perry declined, feeling that she wanted to save it for her own singing career.

*Hmm… Pink singing Beautiful. That could work. I will like it.

Bleeding Love

OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder and pop singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney had written the song “Bleeding Love” for McCartney’s third studio album, Departure. However, his record label, Hollywood Records, did not like the song. Tedder believed it was a “massive” song and the record company were “out of [their] mind”

*I wonder how the song would sound if McCartney sang it.


The song was co-written by Avril Lavigne for her 2002 debut album, Let Go, but she did not release it because at the time she did not feel the song suited her album. It was later recorded by Clarkson for the soundtrack of the 2004 film The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

*Hmmm… I wanna hear Avril’s version!!

Others: (I’ve heard of these but I can’t find info on the net that would support them =) )
• Mariah Carey recorded a version of Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” and was supposed to include it in her 11th studio album, E=MC2.
• Watcha Say was written for Sean Kingston but the song launched its writer’s career. Yes, Jason Derulo penned it for Sean (the singing pig) Kingston.


15 Responses to “Songs Choose Their Singers”

  1. wow. dami kong natutunan dito ah.. akalain mo yun! 😀 Thanks for this info 🙂
    Love your blog! 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot jhun! I always check your blog posts din, act. lahat ng rushers, di lang ako nagco-comment. Di bale next posts mo, i’ll do. =)

  3. edzcelperk Says:

    this is my fave post as of today.. sobrang na-amaze mo ako sa last two posts mo.. genius ideas! love it!

  4. sash Says:

    naks, gumaganun! 😛 ako din, maraming natutunan..

    i loooove gwen, too..but i don’t think just say yes would work for her..

    parang ang perverted pag smack into you..tapos si jon mclaughlin..

    what i want to hear is yung empire w/ mjb and yung if i were a boy and where are you christmas version ni mariah..

  5. Dru Says:

    Nakalimutan mo yung kay Timmy Cruz! LOL

  6. poljeffrey Says:

    Ok to ah! Informative! Hehe.
    Yung dun sa Bleeding Love, ang alam ko na release din yung version ni Jesse McCartney. Hindi lang maganda. Hehe. Search nyo. Meron yun sigurado

  7. I LOVE YOU PINK. Love Aguilera too :_) Hope Pink sings her own version. I can hear the rasp na 🙂

  8. Somme Khan Says:

    Wow I didn’t know Mariah recorded If I Were A Boy but I’m glad it wasn’t on E=MC2 cuz that song isn’t really Mariah and I disagree I don’t think Hero should be Mariah’s theme I LOVE Hero but not as her theme

  9. Arjay Says:

    Insightful! ^^

  10. The Urban Nomad Says:

    No wonder Bleeding Love sounded sooo good when sung by a guy. Very informative entry. I’mna add you to my blogroll. 🙂

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