Mimi vs. Riri


According to Billboard this is the current tally of most number-one hits:

1. The Beatles (20)
2. Mariah Carey (18)
3. Elvis Presley (17)
4. Michael Jackson (13)
5. Madonna (12) (tie)
5. The Supremes (tie)
7. Whitney Houston (11)
8. Janet Jackson (10) (tie)
8. Rihanna (10) (tie) – updated (11) as of December 2011
8. Stevie Wonder (10) (tie)

Source: wikipedia.org; billboard.com

Let’s talk about and compare the two artists. Why? Because Rihanna is the only active artist among this list (that is if Madonna won’t release another album) and
Mariah is 3 number one songs away from beating the record-holder, The Beatles.

This is a comparative table of their singles: (naks naka excel pa?!)

Mariah (Mimi) Rihanna (Riri)
1990-2008 2006-2011
1 Vision of Love SOS
2 Someday Umbrella
3 I Don’t Wanna Cry Take A Bow
4 Love Takes Time Disturbia
5 Emotions Live Your Life
6 I’ll Be There Rude Boy
7 Dreamlover What’s My Name
8 Hero Only Girl (In The World)
9 Fantasy S&M (with Britney Spears)
10 One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) (as of Dec.2011
11 Always Be My Baby Love the Way You Lie (with Eminem)
12 Honey Other female artists in the run:
13 My All Beyonce (5)
14 Heartbreaker Katy Perry (5)
15 Thank God I Found You Britney Spears (4)
16 We Belong Together Lady Gaga (3)
17 Don’t Forget About Us
18 Touch My Body

It’s a battle of artists with black influences. Let’s get ready to rumble!!

Round 1: Mariah has 18 while Rihanna has 10

This round goes to Mimi
Mimi – 1
Riri – 0

Round 2: Mariah has had 18 number ones in 18 years
while Rihanna has had 10 top singles in 5 years. What a great feat!

Round 2 goes to Riri!!!
Riri – 1
Mimi – 1

Round 3: Mariah is 3 songs away in beating the The Beatles record while Rihanna is
11 songs away.

Round 3 for the Grandma (lol)
Mimi- 2
Riri- 1

Rihanna songs are catchy like the songs Mariah created when she was younger. Plus, Rihanna is young, an edge, because younger audience appreciate her more while
Mariah’s music is kinda overlooked.

Touch My Body vs. S & M, which do you like better? As for me, I love them both.


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