New Words/Slang


Learning new words is amusing. I always read from and I find new words created by people funny.

Here is a list of new words (some are fairly old though) on I chose the words that I think can be used in our daily conversations.
Enjoy reading! J

vacationship (noun) : a temporary romantic relationship that takes place during a vacation

huggle (noun) : a long hug and cuddle

husfriend (noun) : a boyfriend usu. in a long term relationship whose role is similar to that of a husband

TWD (abbreviation) : texting while driving

taekwondoist (noun) : a person who practices tae kwon do

epicize (verb) : to make epic

forrizzle (adjective) : for real

sibchildren (noun) : nieces and nephews

bromance (noun) : a close friendship between two men

typonese (noun) : language that is full of typos (as in chat rooms or instant messaging)

promistician (noun) : a politician who makes promises to get elected

sexercise (noun) : sex as a form of exercise

Wooting: an exclamation of joy or enjoyment

Manstress (noun) : a man other than her husband with whom a married woman has a continuing sexual relationship

IRL (abbreviation) : in real life

Nntr (abbreviation) : no need to reply —used in electronic text messaging

LGTM (abbreviation) : looks good to me

fashionese (noun) : jargon used within the fashion industry

sexting (verb) : to send a text message with sexual content

Kanyed (verb) : to be interrupted esp. while making a public statement

retweet (verb) : to copy a Twitter message and resend it giving credit to its original poster : to re-post another person’s tweet

NMP (abbreviation) : Not My Problem

NBD (abbreviation) : no big deal

JTLYK (abbreviation) : just to let you know

man-crush (noun) : non-sexual admiration expressed by a heterosexual man for another man

FWB (abbreviation) : friend with benefits


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