I want to talk about this not because I am bitter, or I want to show how righteous I am, but because I realized what it can do to someone. I am not the most faithful and loyal guy. I’ve had my shares of fooling around and playing the game.
For instance, I had a partner way back my early 20’s, and he caught me through text messages that I hooked up with someone else. I met this other guy online, months ago (who was abroad back then) and was bugging me to meet him. I met him weeks after I got committed to my partner. I thought it was ok to hook up since I knew this other guy way before my partner and we’d been together for just a couple of weeks. That didn’t cause the break up though. I decided to end it because I was bored with my partner. That shattered him and he got mad at me (of course). I suppose up until now.

Another was when my partner for a year and a half, caught me cheating 3 or 4 times.
First was when we were about to meet for a date. I lied to him because I told him I was on my way to the mall when in fact I was there early. So stupid of me to have brought my shades. He knew for sure why I was there early. Next was when I told him I was home sleeping but he found out through my sister that I actually went out. Third was when he caught me flirting online. Forgot the fourth instance.
Yet still he accepted me wholeheartedly.

And there were a lot more instances way back. Because of all of these, I called me The Trifler. Not good, I know.
I came to my senses when I decided to get serious on my last relationship. In which, I reaped what I sowed, I believe. All the bad stuff that I did, happened to me, haunted me, and then some.

Just recently, I caught this indie film Torotot. It starred Yul Servo, Baron Geisler, Maui Taylor, a girl named Precious Adona, Anton Bernardo and Maricar de Mesa. Simply put, Baron and Maui and Yul and Precious were married couples. Baron cheated on Maui so as revenge she cheated on him too. He caught her in the act and killed her!
Now Yul didn’t have sex with his wife regularly so the wife found Anton in a marketplace and did with him. Maricar de Mesa, Anton’s wife knew about it and told Yul. Devastated, he planned on killing them. He caught them doing the deed too but he just couldn’t shoot them. They were caught by the brother who sued Precious so she ended up in jail.

Bottom line is BETRAYED people get crazy and you could get killed or could be sent to jail just by fulfilling your fleshly desires. And because of this too, I promise myself, once I commit, I would NEVER EVER cheat on my partner like I promised myself the day I was committed to my last relationship.

I learned to forgive but never forget. I learned to love someone with all my heart and soul. I learned that when you get burned, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re on the losing end. Lastly, I learned to accept even when it hurts.


One Response to “Infidelity”

  1. jalovelyy Says:

    you never know what tomorrow may bring. you can promise yourself over and over that you will never cheat but what are you going to do if you do and that day comes? i told myself time and time again i wouldn’t and fuck me here i am carrying on an affair. shit happens you can’t beat yourself up over what you have done or what you may do in the future.

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