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Tete-A-Tete at the Milkysuite 3: Red/Marian


To my rusher friends: I’m still preparing the set, costume and production for the interviews of the other rusher divas so now I am featuring my very close friend.

The third featured friend on the Milkysuite is:

Red Bernard Z. Rivera is one of my best buddies.
I’ve known Red since 3rd year highschool. (So that makes it 12 years! Wow) One of the the funniest guys I’ve ever met. Like me he’s a music addict, a cam whore and we used to believe that true love doesn’t exist until… (well long story) We have a clique in high school called Tropa Troops and up to now, we still see each other occasionally.
Ako ang may kasalanan kung bakit out na siya ngayon (long story again). Anyway, here’s my interview with him. You know the drill.
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