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Got this from Facebook’s 25 Random Things…

1. I love The Morning Rush w/ Chico and Delamar!

2. I have a lotta names—

3. I always have a shaved head.

4. I love family… Family means no one is left behind.

5. I love Krispy Kreme’s Glazed Doughnuts and Dunkin’ Donuts Choco Butternut.

6. I love Boracay!!!!! Been there three times and I wanna live there!

7. I love my iPod so much. I can live with water and iPod alone.

8. I love music…in fact, i am a music freak, I like any genre but mostly I listen to R&B and Hip Hop.

9. I can eat chicken (any –fried, grilled) everyday and I love buko salad.

10. I love Mariah Carey (a lot!!!!), Justin Timberlake, Beyonce & Usher.

11. I am in love with Rachel McAdams!!

12. I love the Coloma family.

13. I like hooking up but i prefer dating even more…

14. My most favorite friends are Tanya, Shiela, Shinji and The Tropa of course!

15. I wanna have a kid but I dunno if I wanna get married.

16. I love tickling people.

17. I prefer to watch movies or go the mall…alone!

18. I have dreamt of being a bold star. LOL!

19. I am a frustrated rapper.

20. I’m impatient but I can endure anything.

21. I get over heartaches very easily… I just need my iPod and a day or two.

22. I know SOME of the English grammar lessons…by heart!

23. I hate names that have unnecessary “h” in them like Bhoy, Lhea… and people who says “po” and “opo” unnecessarily.

24. Stupidity is my pet peeve.

25. I used to believe that true love doesn’t exist… until I met…

If you’re asking Why Trifler? Click here.


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