Tete-A-Tete at the Milkysuite 5: Stellar Salon’s Gena


Today I wanna feature one of my new found friends in the office. There’s a bay in our office that is so popular because everyone who sits there regularly is fabulous. People there have mirrors, oil control films, make up, nail polish,etc. Hence, it was named the “salon”. The first time I sat there I was like shy. But this friendly girl talked to me and welcomed me.

She is Gena Tabarangao. I call her Honey G (from the Telephone video where Gaga calls Beyonce “Honey B’)
She is a ray of sunshine in the salon. Let’s get it on with our private conversation.

honey G

So how’s your stay so far here at the Milkysuite?
i’m loving it.. like how a kid loves to lick a lollipop.. LOL

So to our readers who don’t know you, how young are you?
young enough to not tell it 😛

When i first came to the salon, what was your first impression of me?
ay naku! pa-virgin! promise! i never thought you’d have that multiple sharing with you.. hahaha

Talaga?! Sa umpisa talaga mahiyain ako e. ako naman nabaitan sa yo and you’re pretty!!
shy type ka pa ha.. ayun naman pala e! haha. mabait? really? pretty? kaya naman pala single pa din e. LOL

So you agree? that you’re pretty? *said like Regina George*
why do i have this feeling that you’re about to ask this question?! 😛 of course! certified salonista to e 😛

Hahaha gotcha! hahaha! so would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?
no, thank you. :p *said in a very Cady Heron way*

Seriously honey g, i think you’re pretty inside out. i really do. you are a ray of sunshine. kung magkaka-gf ako…you know the rest… hahahaha

seriously, you are throwing me that line? i’ve heard that like 3 times already.. 😛

pareho nga lang tayo ng preference… hahaha. na stuck lang talaga sakin yung kwento mo na yun. nakakadala ka kasi mag sharing

Nakakadala? meaning?

I get so engrossed pag nag sharing ka anyway, let’s get less serious… pick 1- charot-charotan, charise-charisan,or KC? (side story: these are the codenames of our crushes sa office)

duh. tinatanong pa ba yan? KC 😛

Minikaniko ba ni moniko ang makina ng minika ni monika? (from Marvus)
hahahaha. text ko muna si moniko ha.. wait 😛

Fill in the blank: Balagoong chit chit ________
Paminta? hahaha

kunwari kontrabida ka,what will you do to the bida?
a.agawin ang yaman,
b.sabuyan ng asido ang face ,
c. itulak sa stairs hanggang magpagulong-gulong ,
d. give her 3 snaps in a z formation?

d. para very gena, fabulous! LOL

Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?
Yes damn right it’s better than yours i can teach you but i have to charge hahahahaha
seriously, have no idea! loka loka ka! *tumbling*

pag sinabing ‘kaibuturan’ sang parte talaga galing yun?
sa pwet? hahahaha

what are the things you 1st think of when you hear these names? Isa-isahin mo ah
a.margie holmes b.xerex xaviera c.hugh heffner D.borat e.rodel vekayo f.tina muran

a. margie holmes – doctor to diba? oo. doctor siya. ewan ko. haha
b.xerex xaviera – ang alam ko, siya ang pasimuno ng porn sa dyaryo 😛
c. hugh hefner – lucky man! may playboy mansion at may playboy bunnies! haha
d. borat – funny movie medjo disgusting lang hehe
e. rodel velayo – HIYUMMMY!
f. tina muran – sino to? parang iba to e. hahahaha

hahahaha si tina muran sa fezlak, wiz mo knowsung? LOL
sa kantang “Iba ka na pala ngayon” Ni mike luis lyrics goes “bakit si tisoy pa cutecute lang..” Sino c tisoy?

si charis charisan.. LOL

Double meaning daw ang kantang “Nilunok kong lahat” At “Nota” By aleck bovic, pls explain Why

haven’t heard yung nilunok kong lahat, sorry. yung nota naman, sumikat kc yang song na yan dahil sa gay lingo diba? so i think naging double meaning siya dahil that time ang term ng mga gays sa organ ng guys is nota.. 🙂

thanks honey g for being a sport. last q- message to your fans and our dear readers?

uhmm.. idk what to say.. thanks milky_me for having me here in your blogsite 🙂 i had a great time answering though i m not sure…if my answers makes sense 🙂 to the readers, i hope you guys like, love or hate this.. or whatever.. just enjoy it 🙂

Now I am torn who to do next a diva rusher or a diva from the salon. errr… do meaning interview ok? You dirty mind. :p


4 Responses to “Tete-A-Tete at the Milkysuite 5: Stellar Salon’s Gena”

  1. thenomad Says:

    fun interview! love the mean girls homage.

    do bob next! (i mean, interview) can’t wait! (just say, that you wanna be more than just friends…)

  2. edzcelperk Says:

    dapat nag share ng pic ni KC or ng ibang mga crushes. lol who’s next? can’t wait MS. 😀

  3. Rose Buenconsejo Says:

    ayokong mag pa interview pls. i’m low profile =)

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