7 Things We Laugh At



Today, my baby and I celebrate our 7th month of being together. Thanks to our friends on Twitter for greeting us.
To celebrate this on my blog, Imma do a countdown of the 7 things that make us laugh:

7. Local celebrities
Top of the list are
Mystika (self-explanatory) and Sharon Cuneta because of her ‘mahangin’ way of singing.

6. Grammar lapses on statuses and tweets/ Funny pictures
Oo na perfect na kami hahahaha but we just laugh at it kahit minsan nakakainis na

5. Bekimon videos
Grabe aliw lang talaga ang swardspeak. Kakatawa. If you’re not familiar with it here’s a sample vid:

4. Girlfriend ni Baby
Ok this is a running joke between us. Meron syang officemate na super close and because they are super close, na chi-chismis na sila daw, so I call her girlfriend. This girlfriend is so funny, panalo talaga mga hirit nya lalo na sa facebook status at text messages nya so we tend to always talk about her and laugh at mga hirit nya.

3. Twitter friends (PCD and I ♥ club)
Panalo kasi tong adik kong baby kung maka-RT. Kaya lagi talagang buhay ang twitter pag nagkukulitan

2. Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar

Who wouldn’t love them? Especially Chico’s wit and Delamar’s contagious laugh. Grabe talaga lalo na pag laugh-out-loud topic ang discussion sa top 10.

1. Drama much?
Madrama ako period Pero we just laugh about it afterwards, after nyang mainis sa kin sa kaartehan ko. hekhek.

Bottomline: Baby, I love laughing with you. I love you in bad breath and in snoring, in your kaadikan and ka-wholesome-an. Happy 7th months. (o tama na cheesy na eh lol)

To end this nang bonggang-bongga, thanks to our calf hehehe for this nice and yummy cake! hehehe
(ang sweet mana sa momdy)


11 Responses to “7 Things We Laugh At”

  1. yazrei Says:

    🙂 wahaha! kulet!! trulaloo!

  2. terrence Says:

    ang sweet! kainggit naman 7th na.

    onwards to 77th and beyond. mooooo!

  3. edzcelperk Says:

    keep on counting! so happy for you guys. labya!

  4. jen Says:

    so happy for U!!! i love U both!!! =D

  5. Arjay Says:

    Moo! Nice one.

  6. Dru Says:

    Hihihi congratulations. Should we start preparing for the wedding? Ready ko na ba yung swans and chippendales? LOL

  7. waaaaaaaa this post. nakakatawa na lang ngayon. :p

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